The Durrells House in Corfu: Discover a real TV show setting

Walk in the footsteps of the famous Durrell Family in Corfu and watch their story unfold before your eyes

Rightfully claiming the title of one of the most recognizable houses in Corfu, the Durrells House is an iconic building that stands on the edge of Kalami Bay on the northeast coast of the island. Also known as the “White House,” the estate served as the abode of the Durrell family, who lived there for 4 years in the 1930s, exploring the culture and life of Corfu in a lasting gaze.

In fact, the island and its people inspired the Durrell brothers to immortalize their experiences in literary form, which would eventually contribute to Corfu’s abrupt rise to international fame. Today, the Durrells House is one of the most popular attractions on the island, seeing thousands of visitors passing its gates every year. But how did this seemingly ordinary building come to be so adored?

The remarkable life and times of the Durrell Family in Corfu

It all began in 1935 when Louisa Florence Durrell, following the unexpected death of her husband Lawrence, made the bold decision to relocate from Bournemouth to the faraway island of Corfu, where her eldest son was attending a boarding school. Lawrence was thus joined by his mother and siblings Leslie, Margot, and Gerald, marking a new era for the family.

For the next four years, the Durrells, amazed by the island’s natural beauty and warm hospitality, delved into the island’s life and developed very close friendships with many of the locals. Their stay on the charming Ionian island was so vivid that it inspired the Durrell brothers to author the autobiographical works “My Family and Other Animals” and “Prospero’s Cell,” published by Gerald and Lawrence respectively. Little did they know that their memoirs would go on to become beloved stories for a wide audience around the globe.

The Durrells on the screen and the popular filming locations around Corfu